Vision & Mission


Our vision is to enrich and enhance our students’ lives in becoming future world leaders with intellectual competence to enable them to become excelling members of society. TCS provide the most conducive environment, where true education complements academic excellence with character and personality development. In order to achieve excellence in scholastic and non-scholastic activities we work in partnership with parents to shape and develop the students into a wholesome personality – inculcating in them a sense of appreciation for culture and traditions and infusing them with a sense of tolerance for other cultures and beliefs without losing sight of their identity and their roots.


The Cambridge School Doha aims to produce happy, creative, ethical citizens who live motivated, fulfilled lives while enriching the lives of others.

We seek to achieve their through: An enlightened, disciplined and broadbased education that responds to global changes while retaining essential values.

The Cambridge School aims to foster in their students

Confidence and Humility

Ambition and Compassion

Curiosity and Respect

Vision and Tolerance


These are delivered through SIX KEY LEARNING RESULTS.

All students will be ICT literate and able to function in an IT-rich world



All students should be confident and competent in their use and understanding of the ARABIC language.

There will be a focus on developing the individual students will be encouraged to develop interests

All students should be confident and competent in their use and understanding of the ENGLISH

Islamic Studies is a key part of education for All Muslim students


External Examination success using accredited courses: Academic Rigour, Flair and Discipline are fundamental

All students will be encouraged to become Global Citizens.