Admission Process

Registration & Admission

Nothing written will ever replace the reality of a visit. Please feel free to make an appointment to visit us during the school working days, and experience the vibrancy and excitement that exists in TCS. For registration, please contact the Registrar in person during working hours, which is from 7 A.M to 5 P.M. All forms required for registration are available from the school. The minimum permissible age for admission to Kindergarten is 3 years as on 1st September. There are no formal entrance tests for Kindergarten, however an interview with parents and students is required. Entrance tests are conducted from Year 1 to 10. In addition, an interview is also conducted.

School Enrolment Procedures.

Check whether there is a place and collect a pre-registration form from school. Complete the pre-registration form and take it to the Registration Office along with the supporting documents (photographs, passport and residence permit copies etc.)

The Registrar will check the application form and the availability of a place according to your child’s age. Upon payment of non-refundable assessment fee, an assessment visit will be arranged. This will include a meeting with the Principal or Head of Section and an entrance test for children in Year 1 to 10. Results of interviews/ examinations will normally be given at the same day and if your child reaches the required standard he/she can be invited to join the school. If the place is accepted, you will be required to sign the declaration form and pay the non-refundable registration fee, first term tuition fee, textbook and uniform costs (and transport fee if applicable), together with a refundable cautionary deposit.

A spot in the school is not automatically approved should the School feel that it is unable to fully meet a child’s educational and social needs or a student cannot fit into the ethos of the school.

Should parents decide to withdraw the child from school because the parents are leaving Qatar and not intending to return, the Term’s fees will be forfeited, irrespective of the number of days your child has attended during the term.

Please note there is no automatic promotion of a student from Year 3 to Year 13.

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