The Cambridge School

School Rules

Rules to be adhered to by every student


♦ Students MUST be in school not later than 7:00 a.m.

♦ Students MUST be punctual in arriving at lessons.

♦ Students who leave lessons for any reason must be in possession of a pass from the teacher.

♦ Students MUST be well-behaved on the bus and MUST accept the authority of the driver and the conductor.

♦ Students MUST have an appropriate school bag, pencil case that contains pen(s), pencil(s), pencil sharpener, coloured pen(s) / pencil(s), books required for the day, Student Planner in addition to any specific equipment/clothing required.

♦ Mobile telephones, Walkman / MP3 / I Pod and personal stereos are not to be used in school. If found, they will be confiscated.

♦ Students MUST wear their ID cards at all time.

♦ Valuable items MUST not be brought into school. The school will not be responsible for these items.

♦ No obscene literature or bad language will be tolerated on the school premises.

♦ Students MUST not damage the plants and trees inside the school grounds.

♦ Chewing gum is not permitted within the school.

♦ Students are allowed to wear a wrist watch and girls are permitted one (1) pair of studs in pierced ears. No other jewellery is permitted. Girls are not allowed to have nail varnish on their fingernails or wear make-up.

♦ Students who arrived late must obtain a late-entry slip in order to be allowed into class.

♦ Students MUST wear the correct school uniform and be neatly dressed at all times.

♦ Hairstyles MUST be appropriate and the use of gel and having spiked hair is not acceptable. Girl’s hair must be tied back. Hair must not be coloured.

♦ Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from everyone.

♦ Glass containers for food and drink and canned drink may not be brought into school.

♦ Smoking will result in expulsion from school.

♦ Students MUST line up in a quiet and orderly manner before being allowed to enter a room.

♦ Students will not be allowed to leave school during school hours. However, in the case of an emergency, written permission MUST be sought from the Heads of Section or the Key Stage Coordinators.

♦ Parents MUST inform the school if their child(ren) is/are going to be absent from school.

♦ Applications for the extended absence from school MUST be submitted in advance to the Head of Section who will refer it to the Principal for consideration.

♦ Students MUST go to the nurse if they feel unwell. Students cannot go home because of illness without the permission of the nurse.

♦ Cheating is unacceptable and any student caught using unfair means to undertake a test/examination will be removed from that examination/test and a ‘zero’ grade awarded.

♦ Library books MUST be returned on time. The student will be asked to pay the replacement cost if a library book is lost or not returned.

♦ Any damage to school property will be charged against the Cautionary Deposit and could lead to expulsion from the school.

♦ These rules are subjected to review and change as deemed necessary by the school management.

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