The Cambridge School

Fees Structure

Fee Structure of The Cambridge School

Schedule of School Fees for the Academic Year 2023–2024

Assessment Fee (non- refundable) – one time (For Year 1 to Year 13 Only)449
Registration Fee (non-refundable) – One timeQR 449
Caution Deposit (refundable – interest free)- one timeQR 562
Re-registration Fee (non refundable) - (for existing students payable before 03-06-2023) QR 2247/- (will be adjusted against Ist term tuition fee)
Seat Reservation Fee (non refundable) - (payable at the time of new admission before 15-08-2023)QR 2247/- (will be adjusted against Ist term tuition fee)

School Tuition Fees

Year1st Term2nd Term 3rd TermYearly School Fee
KG2 71906,6676,66620523
Y4 9695 8600 860026895
Y510072 8600 860027272
Y6992086008600 27120
Y7 113019750975030801
Y10 12968 11317 1131635601
Y1320349 20175-40524

Note: First-term fees will be inclusive of Books and Photo package costs

Other Fees

DescriptionTerm 1Term 2term 3Yearly
Transport FeeQR 1377QR 1376QR 1376QR 4129
Locker RentQR 57QR 56QR 56QR 169

School Fees - Cut off Dates

DescriptionKG 1 to Gr 10Gr 11 to Gr 13
Term - 1 - Payable on or before12th August 202320th August 2023
Term - 2 - Payable on or before15th December 2023 15th December 2023
Term - 3 - Payable on or before 15th March 2024 15th December 2023

Notes :

Book cost included in the first term fee shown as above :
1) Book cost does not include cost of Arabic book.
2)  New students in G11 will have to pay G10 book costs, existing students of Grade 11 can buy books if required by paying extra costs.
3)  For New students in Grade 13 will follow Grade 12 costs of books, existing students of Grade 13 can buy books if required by paying its costs.
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Cheque only