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Key Stage 1 (Years 1-2, ages 5-7)

Through a well-rounded and comprehensive approach, TCS Qatar ensures that children in the early years receive an education that prepares them for future academic challenges while nurturing their creativity, physical well-being, and social development.

The curriculum strongly emphasizes whole-child development, encompassing social skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for thriving in a complex world.

By the end of Year 2, TCS Qatar aims for students to have achieved significant milestones. They will have developed essential social skills and a passion for learning. They can read, write, and demonstrate proficiency in age-appropriate mathematics and other core subjects. Furthermore, they will have begun to explore their creative talents in art and music and engage in physical activities to foster their physical development.

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Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6, ages 7-11)

In Key Stage 2, the education journey continues to build upon the strong foundation in Key Stage 1. Ongoing assessment and the use of Classroom Monitor ensure that each child’s development progresses continuously and meets predetermined standards.

At TCS Qatar, we foster a culture of independent thinking, encouraging students to take the initiative and actively participate in the learning process. The core academic curriculum encompasses English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, Qatar History, and Information and Communications Technology. To enrich the overall educational experience, we also offer instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Islamic Studies for our Muslim students.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities are available to cater to students’ diverse interests and talents. These activities allow students to explore their natural abilities, challenge themselves, and delve into new areas of interest. Students can expand their horizons beyond the classroom, from drama, choir, and art and design to various sports activities and school clubs.

Information communication technology plays a vital role in the Junior School curriculum. Students are equipped with practical skills to utilise technology as a standalone subject effectively and as an integrated tool across the curriculum. They learn how to research, organise data, and communicate using ICT, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape confidently.

TCS Qatar places a strong emphasis on developing leadership qualities and skills. Students can take on class responsibilities through various programs, fostering organisational skills, cooperation, accountability, and team spirit. These practical applications of leadership nurture the growth of well-rounded individuals.

By the time students reach the end of Year 6, our aim at TCS Qatar is for them to have gained a comprehensive education. Most of our students exceed their academic expectations, demonstrating exceptional attainment. They mature in understanding and character development, leaving them exceptionally well-prepared to tackle the challenges of their secondary education.

In the Junior School at TCS Qatar, students embark on an educational journey that equips them with knowledge and skills and fosters independence, creativity, and leadership. It is a place where holistic growth is nurtured, enabling students to flourish academically and personally, ensuring they are ready to embrace the next stage of their educational endeavours.

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