The Cambridge International School aims to provide the best education possible to every student out there. We would love to take in as many students as possible but each class has set a limited number of seats. This will allow us to have one-on-one conversations and connections with each student and help them learn more. This is the reason why we urge parents to apply for TCS admissions as soon as possible. 

Here are a few things why parents want their children to attend this International School in Doha –

  • Our main aim and goal is to provide the best education to every child 

  • Our environment is a diverse and joyful environment 

  • Students will graduate with the best Cambridge curriculum which will help them get into great universities

  • We ensure that our students enjoy and at the same time learn and prosper in their future

  • Alongside education, we provide extra curricular activities and let them explore their interests and help them pursue the same

  • Our teaching staff is diverse as we have teachers from all over the world who have years of regional and international school experiences 

  • Our teachers are highly educated and qualified and wish the same for all students 

  • We help students become the best in the fields in which they are good at

  • Here an opportunity is given to each student to embrace their creativity and develop their confidence

  • Our school has great infrastructure such as science labs, lunch area, sports fields, swimming pool, library, interactive classrooms, and many more 

  • We aim to have one-on-one teaching to help students out however possible 


At Cambridge School, Doha admissions are easy to follow and apply. This international school admissions in the Doha process undergoes 3 simple steps, such as:

  • Age criteria: As a parent, you need to make sure where your kid belongs – Kindergarten, Primary school, or secondary school. 

For getting this school admission in Doha for kindergarten, children should be between the age of 3-5 years. This stage is known as the foundation stage for all children. It follows the England National Curriculum Early Year Foundation Scheme, EYFS. We provide full care and monitor children through our classroom monitors and are assessed against appropriate age performance standards. In this stage, children are introduced to learning, writing, scones, mathematics, information and communication technologies, physical and creative development by practical applications. They will also learn Arabic.    

For TCS admissions in primary school, there are 2 stages. Stage 1 is from grades 1- 2 and stage 2 is grades 3-6. By the end of stage 1, we want our children to develop social skills, love for learning, and learn about history and the world. In stage 2 they will build on the subjects they learned in stage 1, in a detailed fashion. They will have extracurricular activities along with studies.

The secondary school will consist of stage 3 which is from grades 7-9 and stage 4 which is from 10-12. During these stages, students will learn all the subjects mentioned in the England curriculum as well as the host country curriculum.  


  • Registration, administration, and enrollment: We believe that nothing can ever replace the reality of a visit. We would love to see you visit our school and understand better. All forms for application are available on the school premises. Once your child passes the exam and interview, you can pay the fee and confirm the seat in our school


We hope to see you all at The Cambridge International School, Doha.