Fees structure

Fee Structure_AY_2020-21




YEAR 2020-2021

Particulars Qrs.

Assessment Fee (non-refundable) – One time

Assessment Fee is Not applicable for KG 1 and KG 2


Registration Fee (non-refundable) – One time


Caution Deposit (refundable-interest fee) – One time


Re-registration Fee ( non-refundable)

( for existing students payable before 31-05-2020)

Qrs. 2247/- ( will be adjusted against 1st term Tuition Fee)

Advance tuition Fee (non-refundable)

(payable at the time of new admission before 10-08-2020)

Qrs. 2247/- ( will be adjusted against 1st term Tuition Fee)

1st term ( Inclusive of Books & Photo Package) 2nd Term 3rd Term Yearly School Fee
KG1 7088 6667 6666 20421
KG2 7190 6667 6666 20523
Y1 8613 7900 7900 24413
Y2 8922 7900 7900 24722
Y3 9097 7900 7900 24897
Y4 9695 8600 8600 26895
Y5 10072 8600 8600 27272
Y6 9920 8600 8600 27120
Y7 11301 9750 9750 30801
Y8 11143 9750 9750 30643
Y9 11244 9750 9750 30744
Y10 12968 11317 11316 35601
Y11 11519 22633 34152
Y12 14745 26900 41645
Y13 13624 26900 40524
Transport Fee Term 1 QR. 1377/- Term 2 QR. 1376/- Term 3 QR. 1376/- Qr. 4129/-
Locker Rent Term 1 QR. 57/- Term 2 QR. 56/- Term 3 QR. 56/- Qr. 169
School Fees – Cut off Dates KG 1 to Gr 10 Gr. 11 to Gr 13
Payable on or before – 1st Term 15th August 2020 20th August 2020
Payable on or before – 2nd Term 15th December 2020 15th December 2020
Payable on or before – 3rd Term 15th March 2021 15th December 2020
Assessment Fee is Not applicable for KG 1 and KG 2
A 2% discount is offered on yearly tuition fee, if payment is made in FULL in advance before the beginning of the academic year.
Sibling discount  on tuition fee  is available for the third and subsequent children studying in the school. 3rd child 15%, 4th child 25% and 5th child and above 35%.
School fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Transport fee, locker rent, uniform and photo charges are optional
Parents are expected to ensure prompt payment of each installment of fees. Failure to pay promptly will invalidate all discounts. If tuition/transport fees are not paid with in due date, the school has the right to exclude the child from school, not permit him/her to avail the school transport.
One month notice prior to the commencement of the new term is required for withdrawal of the child from the school / discontinuation of school transport. Irrespective of the month in which the child is admitted/withdrawn or stopped using school transport,  fee for the full term needs to be paid.
Tuition fee will not be refunded after commencement of the Term
School fees are subject to annual review and may be increased subject to approval from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
Parents are to sign a Fee Declaration Form at the beginning of each school year.
The Caution Deposit is refundable within 30 working days from the date of submission of TC request alongwith the original receipt.
New students in G11 will have to pay G10 book costs, existing students of Grade 11 can buy books if required by paying extra costs.
For New students in Grade 13 will follow Grade 12 costs of books, existing students of Grade 13 can buy books if required by paying its costs.
Mode of Payment: Cash/Cheque only. For online payment contact the Accountant